A Low-cost Pin-on-disk Tribometer

Allows measurements of friction and wear under variable load and speed

See Tribometer in Action!

Accurate Lateral Force Measurements

The load cell used enables force measurements within 2% error

Variable Speed

The rotation motor is PID close-loop controlled, ranging from 0-200 RPM


The testing sample can be submerged with lubricants

Precise Positioning

A motorized leadscrew design enables positioning of the pin with a 0.5 mm resolution.

Arduino Microcontroller

Users can easilly add or modify sensors onboard.

Python GUI

The Arduino onboard can be controlled via serial communication using a Python GUI application.

Team Members: Bohan Gao 19' (Force Sensing), Jacob Garcia 19' (Pin Positioning), Jingnan Shi 19' (Disk Control), Chris Strong 19' (Force Actuation)